- Where are we located?
- What type of machinery do we make?
- What materials and finishes can we supply?
- Do we customize our products?
- What type of design information do we regularly supply?

Where are we located?
For the last 125 years we have been located in Springfield, OH. Springfield is in the Southwestern corner of Ohio, about one hour West of Columbus and one hour North of Cincinnati.

What type of machinery do we make?
We make screw conveyors, belt conveyors, chain drags, bucket elevators, mixers, hammermills, lump crushers, just about anything needed to handle material. This machinery may be used to convey, elevate, mix, reduce, separate, or meter almost any dry, wet, or moist material. Our machinery is typically used in handling bulk materials; plastics, refractory materials, grain, powders, cement, etc.

What materials and finishes can we supply?
We typically make our machinery out of carbon and stainless steel alloys. We also use aluminum and various abrasion resistant metals. Occasionally we have applications which have required the use of composites. Our finishes typically comply with CEMA standards, but we can provide food grade and sanitary finishes on our machinery.

Do we customize our products?
Yes! Almost every order we receive has some customized feature in it. With some orders we simply start with an idea and develop the machine from scratch.

What type of design information to we regularly supply?
We use a solid modeling package for all of our design requirements. When you place an order you will usually receive a drawing detailing the machine features and dimensions. In addition to this we can supply a CAD drawing, and in special instances we will supply the solid model as well.

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