Corn Cutter and Grader
Model 222B, Low Frame with Aspirator
(Used to process shelled corn, wheat and oat groats)
Serial #M01043, December 1999

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The Model #222B Kelly Duplex Corn Cutter and Grader is a two screen grader combined with a grain cutter head that processes up to 7,000 pounds per of shelled corn per hour, and produces two grades of sized particles with the fine meal screened off and removed with air aspiration. Standard equipment includes a 7-1/2 HP motor drive, a built aspiration fan and a cyclone separator for collection of fine particles. This unit combines cutting, grading, cleaning and polishing operations in one compact machine that produces high capacity at low maintenance and power costs. The final product is accurate, uniform and of unusually excellent appearance.

Operation is simple and trouble-free. The grain first enters the cutter unit where it is cut by a set of high- speed knives. When it has been reduced to proper size, it passes through a perforated screen and drops onto a grading shoe. Here, a rotary oscillating action sifts the grain through screens of different mesh and separates it into grades. The aspirating equipment then cleans and polishes each grade, removing hulls and trash. Optional equipment includes a cutter head with a built-in by-pass which permits whole grain to by-pass the cutter chamber and go directly to the shoe for cleaning, and a magnetic separator installed in the inlet hopper.

The carefully constructed wooden grader shoe is suspended to the integrated machine steel frame with isolation springs in four places, as illustrated above. The single motor drive, which operates all functions of the Kelly Duplex Corn Cutter and Grader, is illustrated in the photo to the right. Overall operation is very simple with minimum maintenance.

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