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K-64-9C Bucket Elevator
Modified for high temperature materials
69137-H12943, July 1998

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Bucket elevator head with drive

Boot illustration shows high temperature bearings, shaft motion 
switch and quick opening access panel with protective 
interlocking limit switch.

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Boot details illustrate high temperature roller bearings, fixed and floating mounted outboard from boot housing. Shaft seal is a gland compression arrangement using KEVLAR packing rated at 500 degrees F.

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Elevator head photos illustrate outboard mounted roller bearings, KEVLAR shaft seals, and a Torque Tamer Slip Clutch which is capable of applying field set torque to the headshaft. If the elevator buckets should encounter an unexpected obstacle, the clutch will slip and the bootshaft mounted motion switch can provide a signal that can be used to stop the motor drive.

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